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Bestrewriter - The best free article rewriter tool using Artificial Intelligence to rewrite articles or sentences with human-readable quality. We understand how each word related to every other word in its context. This lets us rewrite sentences or paragraphs with the same best meaning.

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What is an Article Rewriter - Sentence Rewriter Tool ?

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Article rewriter (also known as paraphrasing tool or sentence rewriter) is a tool for rewriting text with different writing styles but still in the same language. One of the purposes of using the article rewriter tool is to avoid plagiarism.

Bestrewriter - The free article rewriter that really knows your content meaning. We understand how each word related to every other word in its context. This lets us rewrite sentences with the same best meaning and human-quality readable.

Best rewriter Based on Artificial Intelligence is developed to give the best sentence rewriter with the greatest value !

Why Use An Article Rewriter / Paraphrasing Tool?

When you do manual paraphrasing or rewrite, of course, it takes more time and thought. You must have a special skill to paraphrase text properly. However, a lot of people still have difficulty to do paraphrase sentences. It may difficult to write their ideas, lack paraphrasing skills, or have many other works to be done.

What does an article rewriter do?

An article rewriter or paraphrasing tool will allow you to create new variations of sentences and other textual material that have been written. The paraphrasing tool is for purpose rephrases the sentences by modifying their wordings but without changing the context.

For everyone who expert with paraphrase text can do it rapidly. Because they had been trained before and have a lot of vocabulary. So, they can do manual paraphrasing.

Is using a paraphrasing tool cheating?

A writer often needs references for his papers. Sometimes he quotes or takes several sentences from the reference source. In this case, the rewriter or paraphrasing tool can be used as an alternative method to make the quoted text not detect as plagiarism.

The plagiarism issue is a complicated situation during the process of writing a paper or article. Hence, many ways can be implemented to avoid plagiarism, for example, using a paraphrasing tool or an article rewriter tool.

For the best and maximal rewrite quality results, you better read again and make a few corrections if needed on the paraphrasing results. But definitely, your spending time and thought on re-reading and making corrections are much more effective, quick, and easy when compared to manual rewriting articles.

How to paraphrase (paraphrasing technique) ?

For rookie writers, they need to learn and practice to improve their paraphrasing skills. There are 6 simple techniques for rewrite sentences, as follows :

  1. Read the text source that you want to paraphrase until you fully understand the contents of the script properly.
  2. Then start rewriting the key points contained in the source text according to your own style.
  3. Compare your paraphrase text with the source text to check whether all the main points (the essence of the subject) in the original text have been included in the paraphrased text you made.
  4. Use double quotation marks to bode some foreign terms, terminology, or phrases that you extracted/copied from the source text, which you took the same as the source text.
  5. Write down the bibliography or source of references that you used when compiling your manuscript.
  6. If you are still having trouble paraphrasing text, then start to practice from the easiest level first, which is learning paraphrasing by sentence.

If you still have trouble with rewrite a sentence or maybe don't have much time, you can use a paraphrasing tool to get your work done.

Paraphrasing Tool or Article Rewriter ?

The concept of the paraphrasing tool is not much different from an article rewriter tool online. The point is to rewrite a sentence with a different writing style. It can replace words with synonyms or reverse sentence patterns or combine both. The most important is the content ideas still on track with the sources. So it can avoid plagiarism or duplicate content.

What is the best free article rewriter

The quality result of the article rewriter tool relies on their synonym database. And it also, the accuracy in analyzing and understand the correlation of each word from a sentence which will be replaced with the proper new combination synonyms, while at the same time keeps maintaining the topic content of the original article.

You may find some free paraphrase tools online. But please check how many words succeed to rewrite sentences from the original text (it depends on the vocabulary database). If only several words from the original text have changed by the paraphrasing tool, then probably the article will be detected as plagiarism or duplication on the premium plagiarism checker. is one of the best free online sentence rewriter. We understand how each word related to every other word in its context. This lets us reword text with human-quality readability. - The Best free sentence rewriter tool

Best rewriter is the sentence rewriter tool using cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence to analyze and understand sentences and has the ability to immediately reword your article with the same readability as a human writer.

Best rewriter can make certain each synonym it choices makes complete sense. This gives you articles that are automatically readable, without you having to spend countless hours repairing them!

But it must be emphasized, the result of the bestrewriter tool depends on the original source. It means if the original sentence structure is incorrect, such as many typos and the sentence is not comfortable to read, then the results of bestrewriter tool are identical. So first, pay attention to the quality of the original text or article you want to rewrite.