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6 Tips on How to Write a Review Article Properly


How to write a review article? Well, there will be several things you should put into consideration. The article written should allow you to give your readers a critical evaluation of the existing studies. In this way, you can figure out potential research areas for other people to explore. Here are simple methods to write a review article effectively.

#1. Knowing the Aim and Scope of the Journal

You need to know that some journals only publish review articles while some others don’t. That’s why you have to take a close look first at the aim and scope of the journal that will publish your article. This will allow you to know whether the journal accepts the type of article that you are going to write or not.

#2. Determine the Scope of Your Review Article

The next thing you should do is define the review article’s scope. This will make it easier for you to narrow down the theme options of your writing. Redefining the scope will also ensure that your writing is manageable. Not only that but also the writing theme won’t be too small or too large, making you have a better focus.

#3. Finding Relevant Sources

When it comes to creating a good review article, you need to have relevant sources to evaluate the existing studies. You can do it simply by using multiple databases. As an alternative, you can also use various search engines so that you won’t miss any important information.

#4. Write Eye-Catching but Effective Title

One of the best ways to how to write a review article is by investing time to find interesting and effective titles. Not only that but you have to consider the effectiveness of abstract and keywords for your writing. This will make it possible for you to optimize the online visibility of your article. In this way, you can make sure that your article will be found by the right readers easily. In doing so, it is critical to state your title, abstract, and keywords clearly. They also need to be informative, accurate, and concise ones.

#5. Topic Introduction 

The next thing that you should put into consideration to properly make a review article is by introducing the topic. Then, you also need to provide some context. This is where you tell your audience why the review of the given topic is needed. Collect as much information as possible and make your introduction board. In this way, you can reach more readers, including the non-specialist ones.

However, you need to keep in mind to make the introduction short but “compact”. Also, make sure that you divide the introduction into some sections. Bear in mind to keep each section in a suitable length. Thus, the key points of the review article can be identified easily.

#6. Provide Critical Discussion

The next effective trick on how to write a review article is to make sure that the writing is high-quality. It means that the article is informative and includes critical discussion for your audience. The article should be more than just the description of the topic summary. It should also provide both sides of the argument for your audience to debate.

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