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How do you rewrite an article without plagiarizing? Learn the 3 Below Steps

How do you rewrite an article without plagiarizing?

Are you curious about how do you rewrite an article without plagiarizing? The steps are simple and easy to do. All you need is to give the quotes and assess the idea of the original text.

Avoiding plagiarism is essential in any job. In this way, it keeps your works original and unique. The following methods are beneficial to create rewriting without plagiarism.

The Preparation

It is essential to keep the work original, whether it is for research or content writing. You have to learn about the effective ways of writing your works. Once you have unique writings and are plagiarism-free, people will no doubt your credibility.

So, how do you rewrite an article without plagiarizing? There are some tips that you can do. It begins from the preparation stage.

First, you have to read the provided text many times. Make sure you understand anything written in there. Grasp the topic and the main ideas of the text.

Some people think that reading and rewriting are easy tasks to do. However, reading requires understanding so you can rewrite what is written in the text.

Reading comprehension allows you to have the text idea clearly. You have to read the introduction several times and attentively. From there, you will know what the text contained.

Some readings require further understanding. Use a simple and short sentence. Besides, a complex sentence is tiring and can be confusing for your reader.

Start To Write an article

Using our own words is a must in rewriting. It helps you in creating unique writing.

You can start by paraphrasing a sentence. You should rewrite the text and avoid changing some words. Additionally, avoid rearranging the sentence in order.

Sometimes, it may be confusing to find similar words and create new sentences. So, you can use the original words and take the quotation marks on them.

However, you have to avoid creating many quotes. Only use the vital words or sentences to support your writings.

The Key Core

Aside from using quotations, you can also do other ways to keep your work unique. The quotes will not change the text. You have to follow the format provided by the original author.

Besides, it is also possible for you to rewrite and summarize the readings. Both are effective in avoiding plagiarism.

Rewriting is also called paraphrasing. This way is efficient in summarising any article. You can restate the significant ideas of the text.

Rewriting allows you to write in your own words. It is essential to have plagiarism-free text. If you think this is difficult work, you can find an article rewriting tool.

Apart from rewriting, you can summarize the text as well. Summarizing a text is almost similar to paraphrasing. You have to rewrite the text with your own words.

However, make sure you only use the main ideas. It helps create highly unique text.

A writer can use an article rewriter tool too. It makes your job more simple and easier. Then, solving how do you rewrite an article without plagiarizing? 

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