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SEO: The Types and Working Principles

seo principles

A website is one of the platforms or media used by many businessmen in digital marketing. It becomes a promotional medium for some products. SEO is one of the ways to promote and introduce products or profiles of your business and company. What is SEO? What are the benefits of using this method?

What Is SEO? 

It is right to know the description of SEO. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a form of appreciation given to the website page seeding the first page of the Google search engine. Thus, a general definition of SEO is the way to optimize a website site to see the top rank of the search engine, especially organic research. Organic search is conducted by a user when you input a keyword on the browser and Google search engine. SEO is more focusing on the keyword’s search organically and differently from SEM focusing on the available advertising media from Google. If you make a website, it is better to optimize it with SEO.

Traffic Types of SEO 

After knowing the definition of SEO, it discusses some traffic types of SEO. It has three traffic types belonging to its functions and performance.

  1. Quality Traffic 

The first type is quality traffic. To determine a traffic quality value, it can measure the credits of produced conversion from the visitors’ data on your website.

  1. Quantity of Traffic 

The quantity of traffic is considered to increase the performance of a website. The more visitors on your website page increase the more traffic credits. Thus, you need to put more high-quality content where you can make some articles.

  1. Organic Traffic 

The last type is organic traffic where it becomes the favourite one because it is free. You can also gain more visitors and increase conversion.

The Working Principles and Techniques of SEO

After knowing some types of traffic, the next topic is about working principles and techniques of SEO to optimize your website page on the search engine. There will be some principles of SEO’s performance.

  1. Crawling 

The first process is that a search engine is crawling aimed at gathering information from all websites starting from the pages and links.

  1. Indexing 

After it does crawling successfully, the web crawler will save the information in the entry list: index.

  1. Ranking 

The last phase is that the search engine will display the rank result based on the adjustable search with the relevant contents and targeted keywords.

Then, Google’s algorithm will always ensure the users get more information and content relevantly. Google has an updated algorithm adjusting the development of era and technology.

The Types of SEO 

After you know the working principles of SEO, next you enter the discussion of the types of search engine optimization.

  1. SEO On Page

The first type is doing optimization with SEO on-page. The application can be done by some improvements and changes on the contents and website pages. You should do keyword research and improve technical things.

  1. SEO Off-Page 

This type is functioning to help increase website traffic for the development of your business website page.

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