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The SEO Article Characteristics


The need for content for the company’s website is absolute because nowadays, almost all internet users will search for the products and services they need through search engines. If it’s like this, then the content must always be there and up to date. Not infrequently, the article rewriter tool is the mainstay of writers or website content filters.

Even so, as the author, you must still make sure that the articles rewritten with the tool are SEO-friendly. So, you have to correct and revise it again to match SEO rules and reach the top range on Google. To be clear, here are the characteristics of SEO articles:

Have an Appropriate Heading Structure

The structure of headings is the same as subchapters in a book or essay. With the headings, articles can be divided based on their respective segments.

The heading structure will help the engine to know which is the main sentence and which are the supporting paragraphs. From here also the search engine determines whether the segment will be included in the selected snippet as well or not.

Likewise, for loyal readers, heading structure helps them understand how to outline the article they are reading. Headings can also function as a navigation tool, so readers can immediately “jump” to the section they want to read.

Having the Right Keywords

Keywords are the main key in SEO, considering that keywords are the bridge between readers and your content. Without the right keywords, the articles that you have generated from the article rewriter tool will not be displayed on the search results page.

To find the right keywords, you need to do short research, such as finding out what sentences readers are looking for to finding out the number of monthly searches. Then of course these keywords need to be placed in strategic positions, such as in the title, description, and URL. That way Google can find out what your article is about, then display it in search.

Easy to Read Robots and Humans

In addition to technical rules, your article must also be comfortable to read by robots and humans. Such as using words that are easy to understand, having a neat paragraph arrangement, and not using repeated words.

Equipped with Internal Link

Internal links function to link mutually sustainable articles. Search engines have a function to crawl links on pages, and with internal links, articles can support each other.

And this also applies to human readers, because they of course also need a further reading of the articles they open. And with the visitor clicking on the link, it also gives a signal to the search engines to crawl the link.

Not too long and not too short

Another characteristic of a good SEO article is that it has a minimum word count of 500 words. Because of this number of words, it is considered to have a higher specificity, when compared to articles with fewer than 500 words. For SEO article writing services, some of the writers are often required to be able to create 500-word articles.

Well, that was the review that we can provide regarding the characteristics of quality SEO articles that are correct and good for the content of your website. Hopefully our review of this opportunity is useful for you in understanding quality SEO articles though you utilize an article rewriter tool. Happy practicing and thank you.

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