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5 Tips to Write a Good SEO-Friendly Blog for Beginners

SEO friendly blog

Are you interested in creating and running your own blog? Well, you can write a good SEO article like a pro if you practice a lot. Learning the techniques will sharpen your writing skills. This will allow you to keep the content well-structured and enjoyable to read. This  page will show you great tips on how to write an SEO-friendly blog like a professional blogger.

#1. Think Before Start Writing

Make sure to think about the message of your article before you start to write. Ask yourself about what you are going to tell your readers. This is also important to find out the purpose of your article.

#2. Create a Structure for Your Page

The next tip on how to write an SEO article is create a clear structure. Make sure that your blog contains an introduction in which you introduce the topic of your writing. A well-structured SEO article should also contain a body and conclusion.

#3. Use Paragraphs and Headings

Once you have done with creating the structure of your article, the real writing can begin. You should use paragraphs and headings in your SEO-friendly blog carefully. Keep in mind that you can’t use a new sentence on a new line in your blog just because it sounds good.

This is also important for you to keep the paragraph short but informative. Long sentences will make your readers get bored easily. A paragraph consisting of 5 to 6 sentences will be fine. You also need to make sure that each paragraph comes with their own subject or idea.

Meanwhile, using proper headings will make it easier for your readers to understand a specific part they are reading. You can use subheadings to help your readers find their way through the article. This will also help your readers to scan your page and clarify the structure used in your writing.

#4. Transition Words are Key

Transition words play an important role in any article. They allow your readers to scan through your text easily. Not only that but transition words also effectively help your readers understand the relationship between paragraphs and sentences in your article. For instance, if you want your readers to find out reasons to purchase your products, you can use signal words like first, secondly, finally, etc. You can also provide a clear signal to your readers by using transition words such as similarly, however, and for example. In this way, your readers will find it easier to identify the conclusion of your article once they see words like “in short” or “to sum up”.

#5. Use Related Keywords

Another useful tip on how to write an SEO-friendly blog is by using related keywords. This is important since search engines like Google tend to prefer articles with content loved by users. Filling your article with focus keywords will make your article boring. Not only that but search engines understand the subject of your text by recognizing synonyms. Another way used by search engines to understand the topic is by recognizing other keywords linked to the focus keyphrases.

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