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5 Tricks To Get People To Be Loyal Readers of Your Articles

Get People To Be Loyal Read

Readers read an article by scanning, skimming, and reading. Some readers often scan by only identifying pictures and headlines of the blogs or websites. Others often skim or read the article quickly while scrolling.

The best part is getting readers who are reading the article by reviewing the content in detail. Use the tips below to get more readers to your articles.

Write An Interesting Headline 

Most readers only scan the article by reading the headlines. They may leave the content if the headlines are not attractive enough. Make the scanners into skimmers or even readers by writing a catchy headline.

Catchy headlines can be in the form of a numbered headline, a headline that makes a promise, a headline that triggers curiosity, and many more. Imagine that based on the latest study, a website can improve traffic by over 100% by only changing the articles’ headlines.

Provide the Answers Your Audience is Looking For 

People are visiting a website or blog because they are looking for something. Make sure that your articles provide the answer your audience is looking for. Find out first what people are often looking for based on your topic.

Let’s say people are often looking for the cause of diabetes, the symptoms, and treatments. Write the answers in your articles. You can make it more specific by discussing one answer in one article. The more specific the article, the better. Your readers get the answers in detail by only reading your news articles. It is something that readers miss. They can be your loyal readers in the future.

Use A Call To Action Method

Providing articles that answer what your audience is looking for is not enough. You need to use a call to action method in your articles. Based on the latest statistics, over 70% of visitors to websites will never return to it even if the articles are valuable to them.

The use of a call-to-action method is to prevent them from abandoning your site after their first visit. Ask them to subscribe before leaving or the first time they visit your website. Professional website owners often use popups to get more subscribers and readers.

Define Your Readers 

You can’t please all internet users. Because of that, you have to define who will be the reader of your articles. The more specific the specifications, the better. It helps you to determine the writing style, words you have to use, the call to action model, headline models, and many more. The more you fill the needs of specific readers, the more readers read your articles.

Write Unique Articles 

The topic may be the same with other websites or articles but make sure that you write unique articles. Don’t copy-paste from other articles. Indeed, search engines, such as Google, love unique articles. It takes time to create unique articles.

At the same time, you have to post articles gradually. Nowadays, you can use specific services such as These websites support writers with tools to produce unique articles fast and search engine friendly.

The point is that your articles have to be appealing from the headline. The headline determines whether visitors become a scanner, skimmer, or reader. Then, the content and the way you use the call-to-action method determine whether the readers leave after their first visit or become loyal readers of your articles.

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